• Zac Grisham

Why the Name?

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

So I settled on the name Clear View Counseling for two reasons. One was because I think a big reason for so much of my own past struggle was because I was looking a the world through clouded lenses. I saw things that confirmed my negative biases against myself, but not any evidence that may challenge those ideas. So I hope to help others gain a "clear view" of themselves or their world.

The second reason I chose the name was from my frustration as a former client in therapy about what I was doing in session. What were my goals? Was this person I was talking to just some magician that I whole-heartedly trusted without know what their purpose was? I began to struggle with the "see you next week" mentally of therapists that I saw. Our goal here at Clear View Counseling is to give you honest and genuine feedback regarding the counseling process. We want to tell you what our goals are for counseling and we want you to not need counseling at some point. We want you to in time to become your own counselor.


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