The Burden of Generation Z

Working with many young people and teenagers these days I am constantly wowed by their intelligence, empathy, and grit. I can't imagine coming of age during these times. As a high school graduate in 1999 I remember being constantly worrying about Y2K. I may have planned a commune in the forest with my friend just to be prepared! But that was obviously some misplaced angst. It wasn't worry that was realistic. I just saw some articles and ran with it in my mind. When the balled dropped ushering in 2000, nothing happened. No real danger. But these days, with climate change, a pandemic, rising political divisions and riots in the streets, young people see real danger and angst at their fingertips everyday. Not just my misplaced fear that all the computers may shut down! It's no wonder that they are experiencing a rise in mental health issues. So if you're a Millennial, Gen X-er , or Baby Boomer please don't compare your hard times. It's not going to do any good. Just listen and if you think they need some help, call a counselor.

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