Taking Care of Yourself and Your Kids

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

These are strange times! I’ve added links to some good ides. Heres some of my advice:

Help with kids:

-Put the phone down. Exercise. (Cosmic Kids Yoga is something we do). Tag team with your partner if possible. Emotional reserves can go empty without a break.

-Develop and maintain some sense of routine integrating movement, green time (outdoors or opened window), and FaceTime.

-Schedule ’worry breaks’ for your anxious kids. Set a timer and let them vent everything they can with no response but a hug! This helps delay worry which can minimize the intensity.

-WSJ Article: Tech Solutions for your Kids


-Schedule information lock down times. Just a time period when the phone is up and there’s no way you can go down the news rabbit hole.

-Check in on potential depressive thought patterns. This article from Dr. Robert Leahy gives some good examples.

-Download ’CBT Thought Diary‘ app to address any depressive thoughts.

-Take time for mindfulness. Guided meditation or yoga. (if your kids will let you!)

Please stay safe and we’ll try to update regularly.

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