Is ADHD a killer?

I’ve been doing research in efforts to become a certified specialist in ADHD. In my own life and in counseling children, teens, and adults with ADHD I’ve seen the maladaptive behavioral patterns that are so difficult to escape. In the link I’ve posted here, Dr. Russell Barkley, a leading expert in the field of ADHD notes that adults with ADHD that are untreated have a lifespan expectancy that is 13 years less than those that are treated! That floored me!! I have known that people with ADHD are more likely to be addicts, morbidly obese, and incarcerated, but I’ve never thought of the numbers. Thirteen years is the difference between getting to see your grandchildren grow or seeing your child graduate. Please advocate for those of us with ADHD and seek treatment for children with this diagnosis.

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