Our Mission

Clear View Counseling

We landed on the name Clear View Counseling because we value the importance of transparency during the counseling process. We share all treatment goals and why we are engaging in certain counseling practices to meet those goals. If you are an individual or adult seeking counseling, we will check in to ensure collaboration in your treatment processIf you're a parent seeking counseling for your child, we will speak with you every session to give you some idea of the treatment process, while respecting your child or adolescents’ need for confidentiality.

Genuine, Approachable, Collaborative.

Every therapist that we have has sought counseling at some point in their lives. In fact, my treatment is what led me to this field.  I was tired of the"see you next week" mentality of the therapist that gave me no idea of what we were actually doing in counseling. I want you to know it's my job to help you or your child get to a point where counseling can be a resource, but not a necessity.  While we are trained professionals, we are not the "experts" of your life and we aim to treat you with respect during the collaborative process of counseling.  

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